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Convert the tracks of your old cassette projects into a digital wav format that will allow you to import them into your digital audio workshop for remixing and remastering.

With modern digtal audio workshops, you can breathe life into the masterpieces you recorded long ago on outdated formats. Remember these?


Many of us do. You've probably got songs you recorded long ago on a 4 or 8 track format such as this.
You'd like to convert them to a digital format, but you're pretty much limited to re-creating a digital stereo master from the original analog master.


Maybe the machine you recorded them on is gone or no longer functions. And most were never meant to give you an individual 4 or 8 track output. The tapes these machines used were either normal bias for dolby nr & B, or chrome high bias type II for dolby c, or dbx. Play them back now, without a dbx decoder engaged, and they will sound very thin and empty, like tin foil.


What if you had the opportunity to convert each original track into a wav format, just as you recorded them, in sync, and ready to import into the digital audio workshop of choice, allowing you to remix and remaster your recordings again, using modern digital technology?
We've had some degree of success with this process, and we are offering to do the same with your project. In most cases, the recordings were encoded with dolby nr, b, c, or dbx and the tape head format on your present day cassette player will not play the tapes properly, if you have one at all. Why not convert them to digital now, and make them future proof for all time?
If you send us 4 or 8 tracks, recorded on cassette, we will give you 4 or 8 individual tracks, each converted to a digital wav format in 16 or 24 bit, at the 44.1 rate.
Each track will be normalized, (0 - db reference), and ready for you to remix the way you want with panning, eq or effects.
After completion, we'll return your original tapes, along with the new wav files on a data compact disc or upload the files to your e-mail address, if possible. We'll keep a copy of your files for archeiving, just in case you need them again, at a later time, at no additional charge.
Send a messege to the e-mail address provided by clicking the Services Button, on the Menu , to the right and we'll reply with an address for you to send your tapes and a self - addressed envelope with pre paid postage, along with the appropriate payment for each song you want us to convert. Make sure the package you are sending is appropriate for the material you are submitting. (Package Carefully)

Thank You From The Team At MBR Digital Media LLC